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          Unique Computer Institute belives in the foundation of technology, that Computer Science has brought new opportunties and challenges to traditional study style, and has changed the foundational concepts in education. Futher major progress in computer science would only be fessible when education system provides sound foundations for areas of Computer Education  and Accounting Courses .

Aman Computer Institute has taken up that responsibility for the development of student in the field of computer Education and Accounting Courses. 

          Now a days whole world moving towards development, in this way computer play is most important role. In recent future computer will become more useful. We can feel the necessity of computer in all fields. In this developing era, mental development of youth is too good. So unique Computer Institute has prepared a Courses of computer education for class 8th to Degree and higher computer education. This Courses is prepared under technical view to manage a quality computer education. Duration of each syllabus is One month to two years and a grading certificate & Mark sheet will be issued through the Institute.
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